Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Parminder Chaha also caught stealing the contents and spamming the forums.

Found this from Sushubh's blog. Sushubh is prolific indian Blogger. Some is stealing his hard work. Really a Shame! Read the entry here.

Also read the discussions here at Broadband Forum.

This is height!

These people are a scum on internet.

Outsourcing war India: Ajay Bhatt of ITMatchOnline is stealing the contents from other sites, Beware!

I was researching the web and found that indian outsourcing companies are going for a war. They steal the contents from other sites and post it on blogs, claiming their own work. I did a further research on alexa and othe tools that prooves that contents are stolen.

Here is the screen shot of site who are involved in this bad practice.

Beware next time!

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