Friday, June 08, 2007

Congratulations Mahendra Palsule - You have setup an example

Mahendra Palsule was worried! his poem was stolen by some one else and posted at Myspace Blogs. Below is some excerpts from his post. Read the full story here.

"A visit to Technorati took me by surprise today morning: In Blog Reactions, there was this MySpace blog from someone named Michael, who had posted a poem from my blog in his, without any acknowledgement of me, the author."

He came across Lorelle’s excellent guide on What to do when someone steals your content? he took action and succeeded to remove the contents from MySpace. Read the story here.

This is a victory of internet! Congratulations to Mahendra and MySpace for setting up an example for others.

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At 10:24 AM , Anonymous Mahendra Palsule said...

Thanks! I encourage everyone NEVER to tolerate plagiarism of your content.

There are ways and means to tackle plagiarism if we only take some efforts.

Congratulations to Norman on creating this helpful blog.

At 11:11 AM , Blogger Norman said...

Thanks Mahendra for your kind words. I have created another blog at where I will posting much about plagiarism, piracy and other stuffs.

I know I alone cant clean the garbage, but I will be able to spread a buzz about it. If I spraed the buzz to 10 people a day, I will be able to convey my message to atleast 300 people a month :)


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