Monday, August 21, 2006

Offshore Outsourcing ripping contents and comcepts from others??

"If cybercrime and other forms of fraud erode trust where will we go? We do not want a loss of confidence in new banking channels."

Recently Indian outsourcing companies have developed a new trend of ripping off concepts and contents of other companies.

Even big players are ripping off smaller players, who have better concepts.
The recent example is They have virtually ripped of contents from other site and place those at there blog. Run copyscape to have a proof.

They are also using black hat SEO techniques i.e. anchor linking too much, content spamming and other stuffs.

You will be shocked to know that they wont provide you any job if you list at their site. They have created the site to collect the database of buyers, projecting themselves as Freelance BBs.
These types of people creates mistrust amongst others and that leads towards loss of confidence in many honest Indian companies.


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